Monday, June 17, 2013

Idaho Falls Power posts Twitter, Facebook notices on tree-trimming, paving work

Let's hand it to our friends at Idaho Falls Power -- they are actually posting information on Facebook and Twitter that might be useful to people. I don't know if you're going to be in the neighborhoods mentioned, but knowledge is power, right? So here's the scoop:

Tree-trimming crews are out across Idaho Falls today - in the 600 block of Neptune, the 400 block of Bellin and three blocks on Starlight. Idaho Falls Power line crews are out, too, on Hartert, Holmes, Northgate Mile and Elmore.

Work also began on the parking lot at Idaho Falls Power headquarters on Capital Avenue. Crews will be resurfacing half of the lot this year and the other half in 2014.

You might want to consider liking them (Facebook) or following them (Twitter). Who knows, next time there's a power outage in your neighborhood, you might get the news faster than anyone.