Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet the Beetles

There are a lot of tires to kick this weekend out at the EITC parking lot on Hitt Road.
I'm going to admit it right up front: Even though I'm not driving one now, I have always been partial to Volkswagens. I've owned a Rabbit, a GTI, a Golf and a Jetta, and as far as I'm concerned they offer great European car performance at the most affordable price (although the bargain basement Bimmer I scored for $1,100 was probably the most amazing thing I've driven when it came to simply eating up the road.)

Anyway, I don't normally plug car sales on this blog, but Teton VW's Best Thing Ever Sale is being held this weekend at Eastern Idaho Technical College and the money they are paying for the lot is going toward EITC scholarships, which I think is a noble thing. Check out the 200 new and used cars on display. The sale ends Monday night at 8. There are 13 models that get better than 35 mpg on the highway (my first Rabbit got 36; that was back in 1981). Make sure you ask about free Idaho Falls Chukar tickets.