Monday, July 15, 2013

Old Stinker station slated for demolition this week

Joe Watkins of Bateman-Hall punches into the pavement at the Stinker Station at First Street and Holmes Avenue. The longtime store, which was Sav-Fast Gas before it became Stinker, was closed Monday, with demolition scheduled to start Wednesday. The new store, diagonally behind it, has been under construction for several weeks and is scheduled to open after Labor Day. The parking lot is going to be expanded, but the gas pumps will remain where they are. And here's some history for you: The old Sav-Fast was where Phylis Nisbet and May McCune of  Idaho Falls bought a Super Lotto ticket in February 1992 that won them $12.3million. Will anyone be so lucky at the new store? One never knows, does one?