Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Syringa rolling out 4G LTE wireless in October

Syringa Wireless has selected Ericsson as the technology provider for its 4G LTE wireless platform. The company’s 4G deployment is currently underway and will be available to customers in October.

With the Ericsson platform, Syringa Wireless will be able to provide high-speed wireless broadband services to residential and business customers and mobile devices.

LTE provides both businesses and consumers with high-speed wireless alternatives to existing Internet options, often outperforming DSL or satellite. In some of Eastern Idaho’s rural areas, bandwidth comes at a premium and is often too slow to meet the growing demands of businesses and community services such as hospitals and schools. Syringa Wireless will deliver LTE services at speeds up to 20 megabits per second (mbps) to meet increasing bandwidth demand.

“Business has become increasingly dependent on broadband access to remain competitive in a global economy. Our LTE services will provide local businesses with the broadband speeds and service flexibility to meet their growing bandwidth needs,” said Scott Dike, Syringa's general manager.

Businesses and residential customers who are interested are encouraged to contact the company early to secure their accounts in advance.