Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A list of links for those interested in the city of Idaho Falls election

A few of you probably know I'm running for a seat on the Idaho Falls City Council. I've refrained from posting anything about this on BizMojo Idaho because I don't want to be seen to be using this site to promote my political aspirations.

Before I decided to run, which was around Labor Day, I'd written two stories about the city races, the first in February, when Mayor Jared Fuhriman's announced he was not seeking a third term. That story also reported Councilwoman Sharon Parry's announcement that she was seeking the office. The second was in June, when Rebecca Casper announced she was running for mayor and I covered her press conference.

In light of my decision to run and the interest of fairness, I've taken both those stories down and instead am posting links to all the mayoral and council candidates' Web pages. Here you can read about them in their own words:

Sharon Parry:
Rebecca Casper:
Brian LaPray:
Tim Downs:

Idaho Falls City Council Seat 2
Dee Whittier:
Jill Peterson:
Paul Menser:

Idaho Falls City Council Seat 4
Ed Marohn:
Evan Bastow:

Idaho Falls City Council Seat 6
Barbara Ehardt:
Karen Cornwell:

As far as I can tell, City Council candidates Alfred Higley (Seat 2), and Jillene Burger (Seat 4) haven't done anything online to promote their candidacies, Facebook or otherwise.

The election is Nov. 5, by the way. If you live in the city of Idaho Falls and are over the age of 18, you can vote for one candidate for mayor and one candidate in each of the council races. The city is not divided into districts. I have probably been asked that more than any other question.


  1. Great post, Paul. It is very respectable to see someone who is running for a local government position take a neutral and unbiased stand in a public forum.

  2. is the right link