Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New specialty gift boutique, San Michele, opening on A Street

Mickey Thiel at her new store, San Michele, which she plans to open Tuesday.
For Mickey Thiel, her new business, San Michele, 357 A Street, represents a family homecoming of sorts. In the 1920s and '30s, Thiel's grandfather, Claude J. Slifer was projectionist and manager of the Colonial Theater down the street, showing silent films and booking vaudeville acts.

"We go way back in this town," she said.

Thiel is planning to her store Tuesday. Located where Paper Bag Princess was for years and years, it features sells jewelry made by Thiel and her friends, picture frames, clothes, cards, "irreverent magnets" and assorted other items.

Having worked 10 years around the corner at Lemon Meringue, Thiel has lots of experience in this sort of business, but has never done it for herself. "It's an itch I had to scratch," she said. "It's a wonderful creative outlet for me and my creative pals."

For more information, call 419-8730.