Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grade school teacher seeks help for robotics class

Price on Amazon.com is $350.
This is a post I read on Facebook last night that I am reprinting in hopes that someone in the business community -- or the community at large -- might be willing to help.

It is from Seth Callister, who teaches a fifth grade class at Templeview Elementary School. Besides knowing Seth as a fellow guitar player, I had the pleasure of substitute teaching his class last week. A nicer bunch of kids I have not encountered.

Templeview is not what I would call one of the more affluent schools in Idaho Falls School District 91. From what I'm able to seek, a lot of the families are of limited means

Here is what Seth put up on Facebook Monday night:

Friends, I REALLY need your help. We're trying to have a robotics club at our school. Last year another school let me take a Lego kit to make robots for a competition as a pilot program for our school. That kit is no longer available for our use. I got four partial VEX Robotics Kits from another school but it's nowhere near enough! Today we started. We had over 30 students come! Their enthusiasm is extremely high. Does anyone out there have Lego Robotic Kits or VEX Robotic Kits that we could use for two months, or, even better, have kits you no longer use and would be willing to donate? Or if you would like to donate so we can purchase some that would help. One VEX kit costs $325 on eBay. I've heard before that the Lego kits are about the same price. The Lego kits are simpler, while the VEX kits require higher level of thinking. HELP!

This seems a little modest to be a candidate for gofundme.com or anything like it. If you want to help, the phone number at Templeview is 525-7660.