Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Traffic signal being installed at First Street and Ammon-Lincoln Road

Workers from Wheeler Electric installing the foundations of the new traffic signal at First Street and Ammon-Lincoln Road.
Any driver who has lived in the Idaho Falls-Ammon area for any length of time has come to know the intersection of Ammon Road and First Street as one of the worst.

Get ready for the end of an era. The four-way stop at the intersection is being replaced by an up-to-date four-way traffic signal, courtesy of the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council, which identifies high-risk traffic areas. The work should be done by early May.

The state agency is administering roughly $340,000 in Federal Highway Administration funds on the project at the Ammon intersection, probably best known for Country Corner on the southwest side.

Steve Sprague, LHTAC’s safety construction coordinator in Boise, said the signal will include detectors and preamps for emergency vehicles. Although new curb and gutter are being done to make the intersection compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act, paving the roadway is not part of the project. “Hopefully, paving comes in later as part of the improvement,” he said.


  1. The title of this article is slightly incorrect. The light is being built at Ammon and 1st Street intersection. Lincoln Road is one mile north, and as far as I'm aware the County has not announced any plans to put a light at that intersection in the near future.

  2. Thanks, Sean. In my experience here, that road can go by Ammon Road or Ammon-Lincoln Road. One also could call it 35th East, the county's preferred nomenclature for dispatch purposes. County roads are a weird kettle of fish. Did you know Hitt Road once went by three names? It was Hitt Road and Church Farm Road and I forget the third.

  3. To anyone that grew up here its Ammon-Lincoln. It was signed that way for decades until the last few years, anyone that has lived here or maybe on the Ammon side of town knows the road as Ammon-Lincoln. It was just recently (being the last few year) shortened to simply Ammon road.

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